What is Natty Gang?

Introducing the Natty Gang

We are Natty Gang, I mean it, we. Natty Gang was founded to create an identity that celebrated training naturally, without the use of performance enhancing drugs. The idea is to grow a brand that is inclusive, if you walk down the street, into a gym or join a club and see the brand you should know that the person is on the same journey of lifting, training or any health and fitness pursuit as a natural.

It was becoming increasingly distressing to see brands promote this healthy ideal using 'influencers' or athletes that were using drugs to achieve an aesthetic that could be misleading and potentially dangerous. Just as frustrating, was seeing genuine natural athletes being branded as enhanced when in an actual fact they were 100% natural but with no way to tell the world. This was the driving force behind Natty Gang, to celebrate and highlight what can be achieved naturally and create an inclusive brand of like minded individuals all striving to be the best they can be.

Opening Act;

We have officially launched with our Natty Gang Snapback Cap as our first way of our movement to identify one another. These caps are just the tip of the iceberg and we have a full range of clothing promoting the natural approach landing very soon. The Snapbacks have already proved a massive hit, with multiple sightings across Instagram and for that we appreciate the support and look forward to growing the Natty Gang.